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Hawaiian Victorian Luau

The only thing better than a luau is a Magical Mystery Luau! All the fun and excitement of a luau without the crowds! Mystery, laugh-till-your-cheeks-hurt, and a true Hawaiian-Victorian experience make The Magical Mystery Show! the most popular evening theatre on Maui and Oahu by Trip Advisor. No Luau has ever boasted over a million dollars of antiques that guests see at our shows. Elegant, textured, and beyond belief. If you have one evening and want to remember it forever, skip the luau and experience the Hawaiian Wonder that is The Hawaiian-Victorian Magical Mystery Show!

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Experience Magic Hawaiian Style!   The Oahu magic show will take you back to the Victorian era. Enjoy in the experience of an elegant Victorian theater, while learning a little Hawaiian culture. Prepare for an evening of elegance, family fun, thrills and laughter at The Magical Mystery Show! Voted #1 of 69 on TripAdvisor for best evening entertainment for the entire family.

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