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Oahu Theater – Cirque du Soleil or The Magical Mystery Show!

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Editor’s Choice: Visitors should see both shows but if you have to select just one, we favor The Magical Mystery Show! You can see the Cirque brand globally but there is just the one gem of The Magical Mystery Show, conceived and executed by Hawaiian residents. Overall the unique experience wins due to the intimacy of the experience with almost everyone participating and just 60 seats for a very up-close show. Aditionally, we note the exceptional quality of the antique theater, the superior performers (both magic and comedy), and the tribute to Hawaiian culture and historical authenticity.

Close-Up Wonder: How The Magical Mystery Show Differs from Cirque du Soleil for an Intimate and Magical Experience

Cirque du Soleil: a name synonymous with dazzling acrobatics, extravagant sets, and a larger-than-life spectacle. But what if you crave something more personal, where the impossible happens right before your eyes, and the magician remembers your name? That’s where The Magical Mystery Show! steps in, offering an unforgettable experience that trumps the impersonal size of Cirque du Soleil in many ways.

While Cirque is better known but here’s why The Magical Mystery Show! will leave you more spellbound:

  • Intimacy Breeds Wonder: Imagine a cozy venue, velvet drapes, Victorian antiques everywhere, and a small audience of 40-60 people – that’s the setting for The Magical Mystery Show! This closeness fosters a connection between the magician and the audience. You’re not just a face in the crowd; you’re part of the magic. Witnessing sleight-of-hand as well as major illusions mere inches away is an experience that will leave you speechless.
  • Interaction is Key: Cirque du Soleil is a visual feast, but there’s little audience participation. The Magical Mystery Show! thrives on interaction. The magician might pull you on stage, borrow your watch, or make a prediction based on something you say. This personal touch makes the experience exponentially more engaging and memorable.
  • Focus on the Art of Magic: Cirque du Soleil blends acrobatics, music, and storytelling. While impressive, it can sometimes overshadow the story itself, and little of Cirque story is magic. It’s largely acrobatics. The Magical Mystery Show! keeps the focus squarely on the art of illusion. Witness mind-blowing tricks, card and coin manipulations, and illusions that will have you questioning your own reality.
  • Celebrity Factor: Cirque has never featured superstars. The Magical Mystery Show! generally only features magicians visitors have seen on TV specials, films, America’s Got Talent, Penn & Teller’s Fool Us, and champions of global competitions.
  • A Touch of History: The Magical Mystery Show! takes inspiration from Victorian-era parlor magic, as historically seen in person in 1881 by the last king of Hawaii — King David Kalakaua. This unique setting transports you to a time of wonder and intrigue, adding a layer of charm to the experience.

Don’t get us wrong, Cirque du Soleil is a marvel to behold. But for an intimate and interactive experience that leaves you questioning reality, The Magical Mystery Show! is the undisputed champion. So, ditch the impersonal crowds and prepare to be amazed by the magic that unfolds right before your very eyes.

Book your tickets for The Magical Mystery Show! today and experience the wonder of close-up magic! Note – Family friendly.

Book your tickets for Cirque du Soleil today and experience their unique brand of clowns and acrobatics with a dark undertone! Note – Family friendly for older children with parents but younger children may be fearful of the costumes, masks, some music or video passages, and some of the clowns.

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Experience Magic Hawaiian Style!   The Oahu magic show will take you back to the Victorian era. Enjoy in the experience of an elegant Victorian theater, while learning a little Hawaiian culture. Prepare for an evening of elegance, family fun, thrills and laughter at The Magical Mystery Show! Voted #1 of 69 on TripAdvisor for best evening entertainment for the entire family.